The Dennekraal Recreation Center

Geschrieben am 05.04.2016

Four showers for 25 people? No problem. At least not in the house where the male members of our travel group are accommodated. But seriously, no one will complain about the Dennekraal recreation centre of the NAC Cape at the end of our trip since we had a great time here. This is how a typical day looked like: It is still dim when the first steps and talks are heard in the rooms. Doors and partitioning walls are made of particle boards, so, each noise is audible. At the breakfast buffet we get instant coffee and fried chicken, and chances for first conversations. Fruits and vegetables are usually out of stock first. When the last one arrived in the dining room, we start with morning prayer. There we get a chance to see into the hearts of the youth since each day someone else is responsible for the prayer.
After breakfast, we hurry to the parking lot to start our day trips. A friendly watchman sits in a small house and opens the gates. Our bus drives to Cape Town and passes the emblem of the NAC and two flagpoles with the German and South African flags. Usually, we are back in the camp late in the evening. Then we directly head to the dining room for the evening prayer. Afterwards, there is still enough time to enjoy the camp facilities. For example the pool between the two sleeping houses which is used daily. And table football and billiard, a South African national sport as we are told. Besides, we spent some nights at the fireplace and sing together.
Whenever we had a problem or missed something in the camp, there was one man who had a solution: Michael is the head of the camp and helped us in all regards. However, we do not have to recall his name. Upon arrival we are told that everyone calls him “Papa” and we follow this tradition. Elizabeth is the head of the kitchen. Hence, we call her “Mama”. She and three cooks are responsible for providing us with food. Saying that, all member of our group will have gained weight by the end of the week because South African cuisine is not exactly low in calories. Hearty breakfast with scrambled eggs, beans and sausages and especially South African love for fried food are fatal for any diet. Besides, meat is part of each meal. Bradley, one of our South African friends, tells us that meat is a rarity for many South Africans because of high prices. It is good to be reminded that not everything can be taken for granted.
One of the small issues in the camp is internet access. It is not designed for 50 people connecting simultaneously and it is impossible to send videos and pictures. But also for this, Papa finds a solution by buying more data volume and regulating internet access. The conference center, where normally meetings of the Chief Apostle and the Apostles take place, is transformed into an internet café. Subsequently, everyone who wants to go online is found here because of the router. Thus, the conference center is crowded every night with youth who want to send messages home with their smart phones and tablet PCs.
Another important place is the church in the camp. On Sunday, we take part in the emotional final divine service held by shepherd Gavin van der Hoven. The subsequent good byes are tearful. We leave extremely warm-hearted hosts who fulfilled every wish we had and were there for us around the clock throughout the whole week. From the bus, we look back at the picturesque camp, green areas and brick houses, and have a last glance at Table Mountain, that was nicely visible from the camp, and we all agree: We will gladly remember the time spent here.


Heike M. | am 6. April 2016 um 14:48 Uhr

Hirte van der Hoven begrüßte mich letztes Jahr in Wernigerode. Dabei transportierte er so viel Freude rüber – unbeschreiblich. Schön wieder Fotos von ihm zu sehen… :-)

Patience | am 10. August 2016 um 20:37 Uhr

Absolutely first rate and cootdr-bpptomee, gentlemen!

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